SECURE Act Enables More Lifetime Income Options for Savers

The SECURE Act is a huge win for millions of retirement savers. Signed into law by President Trump in December, the SECURE Act removed an obstacle that many employers said discouraged them from offering annuity options to their retirement plan participants. Offered by life insurers, annuities are the only financial product that delivers guaranteed income for … Continue reading "SECURE Act Enables More Lifetime Income Options for Savers"

Now’s the Time for the SECURE Act

Many have urged passage of the SECURE Act this year. A bipartisan victory here would benefit millions of everyday Americans. Here’s what leaders and stakeholders are saying: “Passage of this legislation will strengthen retirement savings and offers an opportunity for lawmakers to help workers, families, and small businesses.” – Alexander Hendrie, ATR “The SECURE Act as a … Continue reading "Now’s the Time for the SECURE Act"