About ACLI

IMPACT delivers digital news and views, focusing on trends and topics that impact Americans’ financial security. We know you’re busy. These brief posts provide useful information from the American Council of Life Insurers.

Society is changing quickly. Challenges are mounting. The population is rapidly growing and aging. Economies are evolving and priorities are shifting. All require a renewed focus on achieving financial security for individuals and families across America.

We offer solutions, and we’re at work to help meet societal needs including:

Financial Wellness and Inclusion: 

All Americans — regardless of how and where they work, economic status, race, or gender — deserve information on how to build a financial safety net to protect and take care of the things that matter most. We help people do this through all stages of life.

Infrastructure, Investment and the Workforce: 

For generations, we’ve created good jobs for workers and provided long-term investment capital for infrastructure and economic growth. Our guarantees and commitment are steadfast.

Paid Family Medical Leave and Caregiving: 

We help families to grow and prosper by providing paid family medical leave options to employers. We support private-sector solutions that further expand access to paid family medical leave for all Americans.


For generations, life insurers have respected and maintained the privacy and security of personal information. As technologies advance, our dedication to protecting consumer information never changes.

Retirement Security: 

Americans are living longer and financial security through retirement is a big challenge for many. Our guaranteed products — their availability, accessibility, and affordability — help people live and retire with financial peace of mind.

Tax Stability: 

A stable, predictable tax code allows us to do what we do best — help millions of American families build their financial safety net through life insurance and other financial security products.