Democracy Will Not Be Deterred

The peaceful transition of power has distinguished the United States for more than 200 years, serving as one of the many examples of American exceptionalism. What took place today — the invasion of the U.S. Capitol – was fully at odds with American greatness and traditions. It will not stop America’s democratic process. America’s life … Continue reading "Democracy Will Not Be Deterred"

What is reinsurance?

[Life Insurance 101 Series: This series features IMPACT posts that detail the breadth of the industry’s reach and benefits provided to consumers.]  Reinsurance is a risk management tool used by life insurers to spread risk and manage capital. With reinsurance, a life insurer transfers some of its insurance risk to another insurer. In effect, reinsurance … Continue reading "What is reinsurance?"

COVID-19, Unemployment, and Ultra-Low Interest Rates Challenge Older Americans

COVID-19 has challenged the entire world, including retirees and those approaching retirement. People age 55 and over are more likely to fall ill from COVID and much more likely to die from it. They are also more likely to suffer financially.   Since February, 2.5 million older Americans (age 55+) became unemployed. An additional 1.9 million left … Continue reading "COVID-19, Unemployment, and Ultra-Low Interest Rates Challenge Older Americans"