Let’s Get Started

Last week’s attack at the U.S. Capitol was horrific. The disturbing scenes and tragic loss of life are very difficult to shake, and they illuminated so many things that must be repaired in our nation. Many of us felt the same chills and horror that we did 20 years ago on September 11, 2001. I … Continue reading "Let’s Get Started"

Top 10 for 2020

Life insurers’ most critical mission is helping people take care of those they love. The importance of our mission was magnified during 2020, with the insidious COVID-19 pandemic, the resulting severe economic downturn and a holistic reassessment of racial inequality in America.  Acknowledging this pivotal moment in history, life insurers have re-intensified our longstanding commitment … Continue reading "Top 10 for 2020"

Life Insurers Support Diverse and Inclusive Work Culture

COVID-19 has disrupted the lives of millions of workers across the nation. But women in the workplace have been impacted the most, primarily because they bear an unequal share of family caregiving responsibilities. With shuttered day care facilities and remote schooling, working mothers have faced staggering challenges to juggle their home and work responsibilities. It’s … Continue reading "Life Insurers Support Diverse and Inclusive Work Culture"

What Can Be Done For Caregivers’ Retirement Security During COVID-19?

The economic downturn triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted millions of Americans. It has also illuminated the strain on caregivers, especially women. Women have long shouldered an unequal burden of child-care responsibilities, and that trend has intensified during the pandemic. Women have also been disproportionately affected by job losses due to COVID-19, with mothers of … Continue reading "What Can Be Done For Caregivers’ Retirement Security During COVID-19?"

Pregnancy Should Not Threaten A Woman’s Financial Security

The American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI) believes that women’s financial security is a priority for the financial services industry.  Women are very often the financial decision makers and primary breadwinners for their families. A pregnancy, difficult or not, should not create an economic disruption for a woman’s family. That is why ACLI applauds the … Continue reading "Pregnancy Should Not Threaten A Woman’s Financial Security"