Run Out Of Money? No Way.

More and more Americans are retiring with 401(k) and IRA savings rather than pension benefits. Unlike pensioners, these folks must manage their savings throughout retirement. How long will that be? No one knows, but it could be 20 years or more. Financial professionals refer to this challenge as “longevity risk.” Fortunately, there is a way … Continue reading "Run Out Of Money? No Way."

Delaware Does it Right

Retirement security has been an elusive goal for many Americans. The economic slowdown prompted by COVID-19 hasn’t made things any easier. Fortunately, there is support for Americans on the horizon. And it’s emerging from states like Delaware. This week, Delaware Insurance Commissioner Trinidad Navarro proposed a rule that would ensure that American savers retain access … Continue reading "Delaware Does it Right"

Merchants And MEPS – Improving Retirement Security

After months of economic heartache from the coronavirus, it is encouraging to learn of some good news about Americans’ retirement security. The Vermont Retail & Grocers Association (VRGA) and affiliates recently announced they are introducing a multiple employer 401(k) retirement plan (MEP) for their members. As a result, more employees at Vermont retailers will soon … Continue reading "Merchants And MEPS – Improving Retirement Security"

Life Insurers, America: On The Move

Every four years, Americans come together in early November to determine our nation’s future. No matter whether we’re in the middle of a Civil War, a World War or a global pandemic. It’s guaranteed. America’s free and democratic elections are a source of inspiration worldwide. This year’s election was framed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the … Continue reading "Life Insurers, America: On The Move"