Fiduciary-Only Shuts Out Some Americans Saving for Retirement

The “fiduciary-only” voices are at it again – this time attacking the Labor Department for attempting to follow the law, and by doing so safeguard access for lower- and middle-income savers. With its 2016 fiduciary rule vacated by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, Labor recently restored its original investment advice rule.  The Department’s goal … Continue reading "Fiduciary-Only Shuts Out Some Americans Saving for Retirement"

Automatic Enrollment 2.0

When employers began automatically enrolling employees into retirement plans, it was a retirement savings game changer. Plans that automatically enroll have seen upwards of 90% employee participation, compared with only 50% participation for plans with voluntary enrollment. Given automatic enrollment’s success in boosting retirement accounts, how can this effective tool be improved? Enter S.1431 – … Continue reading "Automatic Enrollment 2.0"

COVID-19, Unemployment, and Ultra-Low Interest Rates Challenge Older Americans

COVID-19 has challenged the entire world, including retirees and those approaching retirement. People age 55 and over are more likely to fall ill from COVID and much more likely to die from it. They are also more likely to suffer financially.   Since February, 2.5 million older Americans (age 55+) became unemployed. An additional 1.9 million left … Continue reading "COVID-19, Unemployment, and Ultra-Low Interest Rates Challenge Older Americans"