Buyers’ Remorse for Student Loans?

The media routinely report that student loans are a major burden on families and young people. Several presidential candidates have even turned education-related debt into a campaign issue, pushing for across-the-board debt forgiveness. Is education-related debt really that much of a challenge? How exactly does it impact borrowers?  Consider some facts: 44.7 million Americans have … Continue reading "Buyers’ Remorse for Student Loans?"

Don’t Criticize Good Ideas to Ensure Retirement Security!

InvestmentNews labeled Sen. Pat Toomey’s proposal to allow American consumers limited access to retirement savings to cover long-term care as one (among other) “ideas to raid retirement savings.”  I don’t see it that way. Long-term care insurance covers caregiving costs due to an inability to perform activities of daily living or cognitive loss. Most Americans … Continue reading "Don’t Criticize Good Ideas to Ensure Retirement Security!"

NAIC Annuity Initiative Aligns with SEC Reg BI to Protect Consumers

When consumers are considering what to do to save for their future, they should take comfort in knowing that financial professionals have the consumers’ best interests first and foremost in mind when making recommendations. Thanks to recent actions by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), consumers across America are one step closer. Last weekend at … Continue reading "NAIC Annuity Initiative Aligns with SEC Reg BI to Protect Consumers"