You Can Count On Us

May 21, 2024
A couple talking with a financial professional.

ACLI members serve 90 million American families who count on life insurers for financial protection and retirement security.

In major cities and small towns throughout America, life insurance professionals are hard at work on Main Street USA, providing essential guidance and vital support to individuals seeking greater financial certainty.

Managing one’s finances can be tricky, especially in today’s volatile economy. More than 80% of Americans feel the guidance they receive from financial professionals helps them feel reassured during difficult economic times.

This week, many of those financial professionals from across the nation who are members of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors and Finseca are coming to Washington D.C. They will meet with members of Congress and discuss how lawmakers and their constituents can rely on the life insurance sector to be there in good times and in bad.

Financial professionals provide reassurance to families. They provide financial security after the death of a loved one. They offer solutions to protect workers’ paychecks after a disabling illness or injury. They help savers secure what’s needed for retirement. They guide businesses so they can take care of and retain their employees. They ensure that family businesses can continue from one generation to the next.

The COVID pandemic reaffirmed the significance of the life insurance sector when the unexpected happens. Life insurers paid out record benefits to families and sales of new policies rose to the highest mark in decades.

At the same time, more than 4.1 million Americans are turning 65 every year through 2027, the greatest number in history. Americans are increasingly looking for ways to solidify their retirement security. With traditional pensions so rare, Americans are turning at record levels to annuities which can provide guaranteed income for life like a pension. It is vitally important that lower- and middle-income savers continue to have access to annuities.

During their visits to Capitol Hill, the NAIFA and Finseca financial professionals will spotlight the value of public policy that expands access and helps more people build greater financial certainty for their families. Life insurance tools are part of America’s safety net, providing financial guarantees that address risks and provide support for people at all stages of life.

Jill Kozeny

Jill Kozeny serves as Executive Vice President & Chief Advocacy Officer at the American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI). Kozeny is a member of the Executive Management Team and reports to the President and CEO. Kozeny leads ACLI Government Relations, Public Affairs, Research, and the work of the Chief Inclusion Officer to build opportunities and expand access to family financial certainty through all stages of life.