USMCA Benefits North American Insurance Consumers

Life insurers’ most critical mission is helping people take care of the things that matter most. We serve 90 million families in the U.S., helping them build a financial safety net that protects them through all stages of life. International markets have also demonstrated an appetite for our industry’s financial protection products. We serve families around the globe, including in Mexico and Canada. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which went into effect on January 1, 1994, enabled U.S. insurers to become market leaders in those countries. Still, as markets and technology evolved rapidly over the past quarter century, … Continue reading “USMCA Benefits North American Insurance Consumers”

Win the Game for Everyday Americans, Pass the SECURE Act

Last Sunday, college football fans nationwide learned which bowl game their team would play in. After weeks of speculation, they gained the certainty they need to plan. Iowa Hawkeye fans like me learned they can book flights to San Diego. They’ll be playing in the Holiday Bowl on December 27. Penn State boosters like my daughter learned they’ll play in the Cotton Bowl on December 28 in Dallas. And University of Texas supporters learned the Longhorns will play in the Alamo Bowl on December 31 in San Antonio. Now it’s time to get certainty from Capitol Hill. Everyday Americans stand … Continue reading “Win the Game for Everyday Americans, Pass the SECURE Act”

Don’t Criticize Good Ideas to Ensure Retirement Security!

InvestmentNews labeled Sen. Pat Toomey’s proposal to allow American consumers limited access to retirement savings to cover long-term care as one (among other) “ideas to raid retirement savings.”  I don’t see it that way. Long-term care insurance covers caregiving costs due to an inability to perform activities of daily living or cognitive loss. Most Americans who experience such a loss first need care during their golden years. Without long-term care coverage, the cost of that care can wipe out a lifetime of retirement savings in short order.  Long-term care insurance provides funds for caregiving that typically aren’t covered by Medicaid … Continue reading “Don’t Criticize Good Ideas to Ensure Retirement Security!”

How The Life Insurance Industry Is Providing Paid Family and Medical Leave

We need a national solution to help more employers offer paid family and medical leave (PFML). PFML has the attention of leaders on both sides of the aisle and across all sectors because it’s about a basic human desire – the ability to care and be cared for. In the past four years, the number of federal lawmakers supportive of PFML has more than doubled. More than 70 percent of millennial business owners are interested in providing PFML. This month, Congress also took action by including a paid parental leave provision for federal workers in the annual defense authorization bill. … Continue reading “How The Life Insurance Industry Is Providing Paid Family and Medical Leave”

NAIC Annuity Initiative Aligns with SEC Reg BI to Protect Consumers

When consumers are considering what to do to save for their future, they should take comfort in knowing that financial professionals have the consumers’ best interests first and foremost in mind when making recommendations. Thanks to recent actions by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), consumers across America are one step closer. Last weekend at the NAIC’s meeting in Austin, Texas, the NAIC’s Life Insurance and Annuities Committee unanimously approved a proposal to enhance the NAIC’s Suitability in Annuity Transactions Model Regulation. In a nutshell, the revised regulation would crystallize and strengthen the strong framework of consumer laws and regulations … Continue reading “NAIC Annuity Initiative Aligns with SEC Reg BI to Protect Consumers”

Now’s the Time for the SECURE Act

Many have urged passage of the SECURE Act this year. A bipartisan victory here would benefit millions of everyday Americans. Here’s what leaders and stakeholders are saying: “Passage of this legislation will strengthen retirement savings and offers an opportunity for lawmakers to help workers, families, and small businesses.” – Alexander Hendrie, ATR “The SECURE Act as a whole is a big net winner for the overwhelming majority of Americans. The sooner Congress passes it, the better.” – Ryan Ellis, Center for a Free Economy “As an organization dedicated to serving veterans, we applaud members of Congress who have supported the SECURE Act. It overwhelmingly … Continue reading “Now’s the Time for the SECURE Act”

People Joining Together. That’s Insurance.

[Life Insurance 101 Series: This series features IMPACT posts that detail the breadth of the industry’s reach and benefits provided to consumers.] There’s more that unites us than divides us. Like our love for freedom. And baseball, hot dogs and apple pie, of course. Let’s not forget reality TV either. Insurance unites us as well. Almost every adult in America has some form of insurance. Yet, it’s mostly overlooked, not surprisingly. Not a lot of pizazz in insurance. Just a lot of stability. Stability deserves a little love too. Insurance brings people together in ways they rarely appreciate. With an … Continue reading “People Joining Together. That’s Insurance.”