Department of Labor Should Retain Access, Choices for Retirement Savers

Retirement savers have different needs when it comes to advice and guidance. So, it’s important that consumers have access and choice. Some people practice a buy-and-hold strategy, engaging financial professionals who earn  transaction-based commissions. Others seek and pay for ongoing advice and management services from fiduciary advisers. Retirement savers also seek to be treated fairly. … Continue reading “Department of Labor Should Retain Access, Choices for Retirement Savers”

What is reinsurance?

[Life Insurance 101 Series: This series features IMPACT posts that detail the breadth of the industry’s reach and benefits provided to consumers.]  Reinsurance is a risk management tool used by life insurers to spread risk and manage capital. With reinsurance, a life insurer transfers some of its insurance risk to another insurer. In effect, reinsurance … Continue reading “What is reinsurance?”

Life Insurers: There For America

As the COVID-19 crisis in the United States stretches into its fifth month, many Americans are understandably concerned about their families’ health and financial well-being. From the earliest days of the COVID-19 pandemic, life insurers have been there #MeetingTheMoment for consumers, their employees and their communities. Life insurers pay out $2.1 billion every day, reinforcing … Continue reading “Life Insurers: There For America”

COVID-19 and Retirement Savings: New Challenges for Small Employers

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 crisis is posing serious challenges to small employer retirement plans and the ability of workers to save for the long term. Expanding access to workplace retirement plans – especially at small businesses – will be crucial as Americans strive to meet the savings challenge during and after this … Continue reading “COVID-19 and Retirement Savings: New Challenges for Small Employers”

Fiduciary-Only Shuts Out Some Americans Saving for Retirement

The “fiduciary-only” voices are at it again – this time attacking the Labor Department for attempting to follow the law, and by doing so safeguard access for lower- and middle-income savers. With its 2016 fiduciary rule vacated by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, Labor recently restored its original investment advice rule.  The Department’s goal … Continue reading “Fiduciary-Only Shuts Out Some Americans Saving for Retirement”

Life Insurers Invest for America’s Future

During the COVID-19 pandemic, health and financial security concerns have been front and center. And America’s life insurance companies have stepped up. From the earliest days of the crisis, life insurers have been providing invaluable support, paying out $2.1 billion every day, amplifying the $2.7 billion a day paid by Social Security. To keep the … Continue reading “Life Insurers Invest for America’s Future”

Automatic Enrollment 2.0

When employers began automatically enrolling employees into retirement plans, it was a retirement savings game changer. Plans that automatically enroll have seen upwards of 90% employee participation, compared with only 50% participation for plans with voluntary enrollment. Given automatic enrollment’s success in boosting retirement accounts, how can this effective tool be improved? Enter S.1431 – … Continue reading “Automatic Enrollment 2.0”