States Help Secure Consumer Access to Financial Protection

Since the onset of COVID-19, life insurance, annuities and other products offered by life insurers have drawn considerable consumer interest. These products provide Americans with valuable financial certainty, even in a pandemic. Recognizing the importance of this consumer marketplace, each of the 44 states that imposed stay-at-home orders deemed life insurance as an essential business. … Continue reading “States Help Secure Consumer Access to Financial Protection”

Longevity Expertise Meets COVID-19

Shortly before COVID-19 overwhelmed the nation, The Washington Post asked: How big is the risk associated with electing an older person as president? It’s a significant risk, the Post suggested, based on information obtained from life insurers, experts in measuring longevity. The Post researched the expected cost for a $400,000-benefit life insurance policy, representing the … Continue reading “Longevity Expertise Meets COVID-19”

Retirement Statements – Safer in an In-Box than a Mailbox!

More and more, the haul from my mailbox (snail mailbox, that is) is magazines, catalogs, junk mail and once a quarter, my retirement statement. To be honest, it all (except for the magazines) goes immediately in my recycling bin. And considering the current COVID-19 climate, it likely gets sprayed with sanitizer, too! Like most Americans, … Continue reading “Retirement Statements – Safer in an In-Box than a Mailbox!”

Protecting Americans in the COVID-19 Era

A major news service recently reported that some life insurers are adjusting policy application processes due to COVID-19. Insurers have an obligation to assess threats to individuals and society. While today’s circumstances may delay coverage in some situations, insurers are legally required to make underwriting decisions based on “sound actuarial principles” – a term that … Continue reading “Protecting Americans in the COVID-19 Era”

Life Insurers: Resilient And Strong For Americans

The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented for most people today, but not historically. Tragically, in the United States, between 500,000 to 675,000 people died from the 1918 Spanish Flu, with about 28% of the population being infected. Hopefully, responses like social distancing blunt COVID-19’s human impact, but it has already caused tremendous economic pain. For those … Continue reading “Life Insurers: Resilient And Strong For Americans”