Going Above and Beyond

Nov 21, 2022

What does it take to build or maintain a community, a city or a state?

Good, dedicated people committed to a positive future is a key ingredient. Also essential is a business community as dedicated as its people to a positive future.

Life insurers have been demonstrating this commitment for generations, providing financial protection to families and investing in businesses, the state and local governments in Oregon.

Life insurers today have $76 billion invested in the private and public sectors across the Beaver State. These investments span the state geographically, from agricultural loans in Baker County to residential mortgages in Coos Bay on the Pacific. They also range in size, from a small capital improvement project in Marion County to large investments in clean water services in Washington County.

Life insurer investments yield returns that help them guarantee to policyholders and beneficiaries that benefits will be there in times of financial need.

Industry investments cover a wide range of sectors. For example:

  • Agriculture: Life insurers have invested nearly $500 million in agricultural loans in Hermiston, Pendleton, Astoria, Bend, La Grande and more. These loans provide the financing for new farmers to buy land and veteran farmers to upgrade and purchase equipment, expand their land holdings and diversify production.
  • Education: Life insurers have invested nearly $1.7 billion in bonds issued by educational institutions in the state, including the school districts in Union, Umatilla and Multnomah counties.
  • Apartments and Multifamily: The industry has dedicated nearly $2.5 billion to these loans, helping more individuals and families call Oregon “home.”
  • Affordable Housing: Life insurers are committed to addressing the affordable housing challenge and have invested more than $40 million in bonds issued by Oregon Housing and Community Services, benefitting low and moderate-income residents.
  • Retail: From Portland to Klamath Falls, life insurers have invested nearly $1.5 billion in retail mortgages.
  • Infrastructure: Life insurers have invested more than $1 billion in Oregon infrastructure, including significant purchases in bonds promoting water quality in the state – nearly $50 million for clean water services in Washington County, $4.2 million for Tigard’s water system, and $125,000 for Eugene’s are some examples.

Life insurers also are financial supporters of many major employers in the state, such as Portland General Electric, PacifiCorp., Nike, Precision Castparts and Northwest Natural.

Put simply, life insurer investments protect families, help keep people employed, and build and improve communities throughout Oregon and the United States overall.  

John Mangan

John Mangan is Vice President & Deputy, State Relations at the American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI). He is responsible for state legislative and regulatory affairs in California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. He also leads the ACLI’s state advocacy team on the issues of state-run retirement plans and independent contractor proposals.