Life Insurers Invest in American Families and Businesses

Jul 20, 2020

For more than 175 years the life insurance industry has been a source of stability and strength to the American economy. When America needs investment capital, life insurers are there.

And we’re here during COVID for American families and business. With $6.3 trillion in investments, life insurers contribute crucial long-term capital that fuels growth and jobs in communities across the nation. Our long-term investments provide businesses big and small with the financial assurance and resources they need to operate, innovate and expand.

At a time when investment capital is especially vital in this COVID economy, life insurers are #MeetingtheMoment by investing hundreds of millions of dollars each day in bonds, mortgages and other long-term investments. Our industry invests for the long term so we can provide guarantees for American families’ financial security.

Across America, these investments support a wide variety of growing businesses and industries that keep people employed during COVID. For example, life insurers are a significant source of financing for industrial properties including warehouses and distribution centers. The industrial market has been expanding recently due to the rapid rise in e-commerce.

Life insurers also provide essential funding for the nation’s housing market, including mortgage lending on single-family, multi-family and apartment homes. They also make mortgage loans on retail industry properties throughout the United States.

Life insurance investments in these segments include:

  • $463 million in industrial mortgage loans in Ohio
  • $271 million in mortgage loans for multi-family and apartments in Michigan
  • $206 million in retail mortgages in Oregon
  • $100 million in industrial mortgage loans in Indiana
  • $42 million in multi-family and apartments in Iowa
  • $35 million in single-family, multi-family and apartments in Rhode Island

We’re there with investments in the towns, the suburbs and the cities, fueling American commerce and ingenuity. And we’re there for our customers, providing Americans with guarantees they can rely on even during the most difficult of times.

America’s life insurance industry is #MeetingTheMoment for America.

Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer was Executive Vice President, Government Relations at the American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI). Meyer was responsible for overseeing ACLI’s federal, state, and international advocacy with a special focus on the financial and retirement security ACLI member companies provide to the families they serve.