Paid Maternity Leave During COVID-19 Pandemic? Yes!

May 27, 2020

Many of us celebrated Mother’s Day recently. We were reminded of the love that mothers have had since day one of their children’s lives. Motherhood, pregnancy, and childbirth remain a constant – even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Paid maternity leave during COVID-19? Yes! It is happening now. Many mothers who have had to take time from work to have a baby receive wage replacement benefits thanks to insurance coverage the life insurance industry provides. In fact, maternity leave is the number one benefit our industry pays out from our income protection products.

An expectant mother has a lot on her mind in anticipation of the birth of her child. The current pandemic adds another layer of anxiety and precautions. Expectant moms who have coverage under our insurance products do not have to worry about not getting income when they take time off work, even during COVID-19. They can focus on loving their new babies.

25% of all short-term disability claims are related to pregnancy and childbirth. 

Amid the current pandemic, social distancing, and paid leave, one thing is certain, moms will continue having babies. And our industry will continue to be there to help them while they are away from work.

Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer was Executive Vice President, Government Relations at the American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI). Meyer was responsible for overseeing ACLI’s federal, state, and international advocacy with a special focus on the financial and retirement security ACLI member companies provide to the families they serve.