States Help Secure Consumer Access to Financial Protection

Since the onset of COVID-19, life insurance, annuities and other products offered by life insurers have drawn considerable consumer interest. These products provide Americans with valuable financial certainty, even in a pandemic. Recognizing the importance of this consumer marketplace, each of the 44 states that imposed stay-at-home orders deemed life insurance as an essential business. … Continue reading "States Help Secure Consumer Access to Financial Protection"

Longevity Expertise Meets COVID-19

Shortly before COVID-19 overwhelmed the nation, The Washington Post asked: How big is the risk associated with electing an older person as president? It’s a significant risk, the Post suggested, based on information obtained from life insurers, experts in measuring longevity. The Post researched the expected cost for a $400,000-benefit life insurance policy, representing the … Continue reading "Longevity Expertise Meets COVID-19"